About us


TV Beds is part of NestCo Ltd, proud to be industry leaders with our high level of service and commitment to the public.

Over the years, we have become used to all the latest innovations, and now nothing is good enough.

The Bedroom, once seen as a haven, is now becoming a central hub for most, utilising the very best in modern technologies and creature comforts, together in one environment.

With the advent of the 'wafer thin' TV which we now commonly know as the LCD or LED, and now the affordable luxury of leather, deep luxurious mattresses and sumptuous bedding, gave our designers the opportunity to develop a productive and unique use within the bedroom.

The TV Bed is born.

Innovative, Stylish, modern, or Contemporary, you choose.

Leather or Fabric…

Design a Dream!

This lifestyle product for the bedroom is ideal for all ages and requirements, from the avid gamer, to the Documentary buff. At TV Beds we appreciate that time, space (and sleep) is now more important that it has ever been, and this shows in the simplicity and quality of our designs.

No matter what your lifestyle is, there is a TV Bed to suit all tastes.

A lot of time has gone into sourcing, testing and researching all our products, our customers, in order to save you time when visiting our website or showrooms. Our guide to buying our product is not just down to analysis with numbers, but listening to people, their needs and experiences and their requirements, all adding up to making a product and level of service second to none. In an effort to constantly improve, we put ourselves into the marketplace, to stay aware, to be concise and forward thinking and in mind of changes as they happen..

Every stage of our service, from ordering to delivery/ installation, is designed to be both trouble and stress free, making TV Beds and NestCo the perfect choice, again and again.

We have done the research, so you don’t have to.

Our ethos is to use integrity and honesty throughout the whole sales process from ordering, delivery and beyond. We pride ourselves on service and aim to improve this by constantly monitoring our customers’ needs and feedback.