Best features to look for in a new TV bed

Features of a TV Bed

A TV bed is a great addition to your bedroom - even before you consider the number of special features that can come with it. TV beds offer so much more than a standard bed. So, if you’re thinking of investing - but need a little more convincing - take a look at’s top list of bonus TV bed features to see how you can get even more value for your money.  

USB charging ports

Charge electrical devices without even having to leave the comfort of your bed with the USB charging ports that come as standard with most of our TV beds for sale.

One of the most popular features of our TV beds, this means you can carry on using your mobile device without having to worry about when it might run out of charge and need plugging in.

Have a side of the bed? Don’t worry - charging ports are conveniently located on both sides of the frame!

Power off safety system

Here at, we take safety seriously. This is why we only stock TV beds with a unique power off safety system. This cuts off the voltage to the TV as soon as it is lowered into the footboard, giving you the peace of mind that the device is safely stowed and completely switched off - avoiding any overheating or fire hazards, as well as saving on power and electricity bills.

LED backlighting

Want to add another dimension and a touch of personality to your TV bed? How about backlighting? For a small additional cost, we can offer LED backlighting to illuminate the wall behind your headboard and create great mood lighting around your bed.

Ottoman storage

A new bed AND additional storage that takes up no extra space – sounds great doesn’t it?! Well take a look at our ottoman tv beds. These beds can help to streamline the design of your room without compromising your storage space, helping to create a relaxing, clutter free environment.   

Built-in speakers

If you really want to make the most of your TV bed with a full surround sound experience, look no  further than the built-in speakers feature available with most of our beds. You can enjoy a clean, crisp sound from our TV bed with speakers, without having to scramble for a remote to turn the TV up.

TV beds on finance

At we are the first to acknowledge that purchasing a TV bed for your home can be a big outlay. With this in mind, we offer a very reasonable finance option with all of the TV beds on site. Our “buy now, pay later” option allows you to defer payments for 12 months after purchase. This also gives you a chance to pay for your bed over 36 monthly instalments to ensure that repayments are more manageable. Anyone who places a deposit of at least 10% and spends a minimum of £300  will be eligible for this payment plan.

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