A TV bed perfect for anyone during lockdown

TV Beds Lockdown

As the COVID-19 pandemic has limited many of us to the confines of our homes, the idea of purchasing a TV bed may have entered your head. And who’s to blame you?! Whether it  be a way to keep your children entertained during this time, or to provide the perfect downtime for both yourself and the other half, there has never been a better time to browse the fantastic range of TV beds we have on offer - here at the number 1 store for these innovative pieces of kit. Our selection of TV beds can suit anyone, and here is why:

Single TV beds

If your children want a way to watch all of their favourite TV programmes from the comfort of their own bed, then purchasing a single TV bed could be the ultimate way of giving them this luxury. Available in all of their favourite colours and designs, your children will truly have the bedroom set-up of their dreams with this premium quality product.

Our single TV beds also answer all of your safety fears that can come with leaving children alone with this product. Its unique power-off safety system is situated in the footboard, which also powers the TV. When you are ready to turn it off,  simply lower the TV at the touch of a button, and the voltage to the device will  be cut-off too - so you can sleep as soundly as your kids with peace of mind.

Double TV beds

If you are in your teenage years and are on the lookout for the ultimate source of comfort and luxurious living then one of our double TV beds could be the answer. Whether you want to binge-watch a Netflix series or play video games until your heart’s content, these slightly larger beds give plenty of comfortable moving and sleeping room for growing children - whilst also being able to house two people if this needs to be an option!

Again, these beds come in a range of  colours and designs that will fit perfectly in a teenage boy or teenage girls room. The shades of white, silver and black will be a terrific showpiece against a smart background.

King size TV beds

Looking to add a large TV bed to your home? Our king size TV beds could fit the bill perfectly. You will be able to retreat to your bed, perhaps when the kids are asleep, and kick back to watch the series that you might not have time to watch in the day. Or are you looking for a reason to have a lie-in on the weekends? If so,  a TV bed could be  the perfect way to spend an extra few hours  in the morning.

Super king size TV beds

If a king size TV bed isn’t quite cutting it for you, then you will be overjoyed to know that we can go even bigger! Our super king TV beds really are top of the range and are guaranteed to be the best value for money on the market.

The sheer amount of space you will have when lost in one of these TV beds will have you lounging in luxury for years to come. As with most of our TV beds, these come with USB charging ports as standard, so you don’t even have to move from your bed to refuel your electronic devices that are about to run out of charge.

Contact us

Interested in any of the TV beds we have to offer? We are glad to report that we can still deliver our models to your door during lockdown! However, if you have any questions about our service, be sure to contact us directly today. Get in touch with our team by calling 0800 084 2684 or emailing us at sales@tvbed.co.uk and we’ll be happy to discuss any enquiries you have.