What Is The Perfect Sized TV For a TV Bed?

What Is The Perfect Sized TV For a TV Bed?

The TV bed has spiked in popularity in recent years, and for good reason! They’re an incredibly smart and convenient addition to any bedroom, no matter how big or small. There are many kinds of TV beds available, with lots showcased on our website and in our Haydock showroom. With so many finishes and sizes out there, it’s clear that not one just size of TV is going to be applicable for all beds. Add into the mix the personal preference of the user, and there are beds out there that can accommodate screens of all sizes!


What is an adjustable TV bed?

What is an adjustable TV bed?

Of course, TV beds have many advantages, most of which have been highlighted by us already. But surely when purchasing a high quality bed, the main consideration is to have the best quality of sleep possible? Here at, we are committed to making sure that you can improve the way you sleep with our products.


Why a TV bed is the perfect Christmas present

Why a TV bed is the perfect Christmas present

Christmas may still be a few months away yet, but if you’re looking to create the perfect day for your loved ones, we’re sure the planning has already started! Have you considered a TV bed? Not only are they a supremely comfortable and sturdy addition to your bedroom, but they can act as an entertainment centre that can be utilised throughout the year.

If you’ve always thought a family member would love a TV bed as their main present this year, then here are some reasons why you may want to consider making the purchase to complete the best Christmas ever.


Why Your Bedroom Needs a TV Bed

Why your bedroom needs a TV bed

TV beds are arguably the coolest addition to your bedroom that you could possibly have. The epitome of modern living, this piece of furniture combines the comfort and relaxation that we all strive for in our bed with the technological advancements of TV. Whether you would prefer to catch up on your favourite series, check out the latest that Netflix has to offer or play on your games console until your heart’s content, a TV bed has all the answers!

If you’ve considered making the purchase in the past but have dismissed the concept as just an ‘overpriced luxury’ then read on, and you may think more of what exactly our range can offer to you.


How to sleep on a TV bed on a warm night

How to sleep on a TV bed on a warm night

As much as most of us love the dry, hot weather that summer brings, it can often leave us tossing and turning as we try to get to sleep at night. The exceptionally high temperatures that we enjoy during the day can quickly turn to rue as we try to get some well-deserved rest.

Summer nights can become an even  less enviable time if you sleep in the designated ‘hottest room in the home’!

So, being the bed specialists here at, we thought it was only right of us to provide some tips on how to achieve a better quality of sleep during the summer, so you can continue to feel relaxed and refreshed whilst enjoying all of those outdoor activities.


3 common myths about the TV bed debunked

3 common myths about the TV bed debunked

TV beds have their doubters.

Even though a TV bed lets you enjoy your favourite shows, movies or video games in comfort, there’s always someone who’ll try and talk you out of buying one.

It’s annoying, isn’t it?

And this has led to a number of myths that are simply untrue.

So, to put your mind at rest, we thought we’d address some of these concerns to give you the peace of mind to go ahead with your purchase and enjoy all the benefits a TV bed brings.


TV beds for adults

TV beds for adults – a worthwhile investment?

TV beds are a dream purchase for many. After all, who doesn’t think that a TV situated at the bottom of your bed isn’t the coolest thing ever? Whether you want to catch a few episodes of your favourite series before bed or binge watch on a lazy day, it’s easy to see why TV beds are so popular worldwide! More frequently these days, we have seen a TV bed bought to add to a children’s bedroom, so they can benefit from what they offer from a young age.

Despite being such a hit with children lately, adults still second guess whether they should take the plunge and treat themselves to a TV bed. If you’re still caught in two minds, let us give you some things to think about.


Saving space in your bedroom with an ottoman TV bed

Saving space in your bedroom with an ottoman TV bed

Let’s be honest here, any extra storage option is a good option, right? Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when we have perhaps embarked on multiple home-based projects, items might have had to find pastures new in your house. If you’re struggling for space in your home as a result, have you considered ottoman storage? This allows you to use your bed as a means of keeping your items safe, secure and organised, without taking up any more space!

They have become increasingly popular with customers in recent times, and it is easy to see why, as their benefits are twofold. This trend is mirrored with our range of TV beds, with the ottoman variation being a huge hit with visitors to our website and showroom (while socially distanced of course!).

So if your head hasn’t been turned by an ottoman TV bed yet, here are some reasons why they may appeal to you.


Should you go for a grey TV bed?

Should you go for a grey TV bed?

When you think of grey, we know what springs to mind. Dull, boring and lifeless, right? Well in the world of interior design, this connotation couldn’t be further from the truth, as grey reigns supreme as one of the most sought after colours out there. It provides the perfect neutral balance between white, black, and other popular colours when it comes to decorating your home in a way that is trendy and stylish. Although the bedroom promotes a sense of uniqueness, especially for younger children in a family home, a grey colour can still provide an ideal complement to the myriad of colours dotted about the room.


Does morning sunlight improve sleep on a TV bed?

Does morning sunlight improve sleep on a TV bed?

Let’s face it, there’s no better feeling than enjoying the comfort of your TV bed, right? Whether you own a smaller single model or a king size TV bed, those chilled out nights and lazy mornings really do hit the spot. But with lighter mornings (and evenings) approaching, people are encouraged to spend more time outdoors, and therefore less time lounging in their beds. This is completely understandable, but should not detract from how important a quality night’s sleep actually is.


Perfect night's sleep TV bed

What Is The Perfect Night’s Sleep On A TV Bed?

How long actually is the perfect night’s sleep? It’s the million dollar question. You’ve probably heard many a time before the general rule of thumb for how long you should aim to sleep for at night. For adults it is between 7-9 hours to ensure that your body has a healthy amount, whilst in children and teenagers the amount needed is even higher.


A new TV bed perfect for the new year

A New TV Bed Perfect For The New Year

The less said about 2020 the better, right? Now is the perfect time to enter a new year and fill ourselves with positive thoughts once more. And what better way to kick 2020 off in style than treating yourself or a loved one to a new TV bed? We’re sure you have seen these devices of luxury before, but now may be the time where you decide to take the plunge and finally bring one to your home.


Live The Life of Luxury With a TV Bed

Live The Life of Luxury With a TV Bed

At some point we have all seen a TV bed advertised and thought “I’d love one of those”. But for many it is little more than a pipedream, as a common misconception is that they are exclusively for the rich and famous. However, this is simply not the case, and especially with most of 2020 spent within the comfort of our own home, we have seen the popularity of TV beds sky rocket. This has proven that many people can benefit from the use of one of these revolutionary pieces of furniture, allowing you to enjoy your home entertainment system in an entirely different way.


TV beds on sale

The Best TV Beds On Sale Today!

Here at, we love a sale! If we can bring your favourite TV beds to you for cheaper, then we ultimately will. We want our TV beds to be as cheap as possible, so more and more people can benefit from this brilliant piece of comfy technology. This is why we shine a spotlight on some of our favourite TV beds for sale, as you may want to start your Christmas shopping early. And what better way to celebrate Christmas during this difficult year than to spend your festive season in the comfort of your bed watching all of your favourite TV shows and series.


Kids TV bed

Kids and a TV Bed, Do They Work?

Have you ever considered getting a TV bed? A TV bed is the ultimate way of incorporating luxury with modern technology, and can become a staple in your home for many years to come, because why would you want to get rid of it? However, the debate as to whether children should have a TV in their own room rumbles on.Read more...

Napping on your TV bed - is it good for you?

Napping on Your TV Bed - Is It Good For You?

Ahhh napping, it’s getting us tired just thinking about it! If you’re armed with one of our many comfy TV beds, and a relaxing setting, it might not take long for you to drift off into a peaceful sleep! There are many myths and misconceptions about napping, such as when is best to nap, how long you should nap for, and even the temperature of your room! But one thing is for sure, naps can be a great way of recharging your batteries and refocusing you for the rest of your day.Read more...

Ways to keep warm in your TV bed this winter

Ways To Keep Warm In Your TV Bed This Winter

With the recent drop in temperature, unfortunately (or fortunately for some!) the hot summer months are a thing of the past and the colder nights are upon us once more. So, it may be time to make some changes to your TV bed and bedroom to make sure that you still achieve a sound nights sleep, despite the cold temperatures! These changes are quick and easy to do and will be sure to set you up for the back end of the year seamlessly.Read more...

TV Bed Mattress

When Should You Replace The Mattress On Your TV Bed?

The recommended life of a mattress in a home is 7-10 years. This gives you ample time to get the most use out of your mattress without having to worry about replacing it. Of course, changing mattresses will be more frequent in the case of growing children, who will perhaps upgrade from a single to a double mattress as they get older.Read more...

Darker nights TV Bed

Make Use of the Darker Nights With a TV Bed

August has clocked  into September and talk of Christmas has already begun (sorry, too early to use the C-word?). Although outdoor activity in 2020 has been halted somewhat due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is time to pack away your bucket and spade and pair of sunglasses for jumpers and hats as the colder months are upon us.Read more...

Time to buy a TV bed

Why is Now the Best Time to Buy a TV bed?

We understand that purchasing a TV bed can be quite a big decision. But we can assure you that there is no better time than the present. Take the leap of faith and make a call that you won’t forget! A TV bed will make your home a place you look forward to being in on a daily basis and will provide the highlight of your morning or evening.Read more...

The best TV beds on Sale

The Best TV Beds on Sale August 2020

Everyone shops around looking for a bargain, right? So don’t worry, you’re not alone. It is in our nature to gravitate towards the product that will save us money so we can make best use of it. Normally, you pay for what you get, and the cheaper items are lower on quality. However, with the sheer number of products on sale at today, we can assure you that this is not the case here! We always look to give our customers the best deal on our TV beds, as customer satisfaction reigns supreme in our practice.Read more...

Struggling to Sleep TV Bed

Struggling To Sleep On Your TV Bed?

It’s a problem that 22% of people in the UK have. Struggling to sleep at night is something that people resign themselves to but can be eradicated if you take the time to alter a few variables. Here at, we always promote the sensible use of our products. Common sense should prevail, and you should only watch the small screen at a time that won’t affect your sleep. But if it’s not just the TV that can be the problem before bedtime, we are on hand to give you some tips as to how you can reach a sounder sleep on your TV bed once more.Read more...

Super King TV Bed

Why Invest in a Super King TV Bed?

In an ideal world, we would all have a super king TV bed to relax on at will, right? They’re arguably the premium option if looking for a way to kick back and relax and get some time away from the trials and tribulations of home life. However, there are some instances in which super king TV beds are overlooked, even though they are everyone’s dream place to sleep.Read more...

Benefits of an ottoman TV bed

What Are The Benefits of an Ottoman TV Bed?

During this time of being stuck indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have found more and more people want to make the most of their entertainment options available and purchase a TV bed, and who can blame them? The ultimate way of watching your favourite shows in comfort or playing video games online with your friends in a state of luxury, a TV bed is a piece of furniture many homeowners dream about having.Read more...

Good nights sleep TV Bed

How To Get a Good Nights Sleep On a TV Bed

Here at TVBed, we often get customers who were unsure on buying a TV bed, due to the effects that are often shown from studies of the amount of TV you watch before sleeping, and the quality of sleep that you have. We understand their reservations, as, after all, everyone wants to be in the best possible shape for the next day, which all starts from a high-quality period of sleep!Read more...

How does a TV bed work

How Does a TV Bed Work?

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, you may be looking for new ways to keep yourself entertained in the home. Maybe you’re one of hundreds that have purchased a TV bed for the first time. If not, you could be forgiven for not quite knowing where to start with this amazing piece of kit, but you’ve come to the right place!Read more...

TV Beds Lockdown

A TV Bed Perfect For Anyone During Lockdown

As the COVID-19 pandemic has limited many of us to the confines of our homes, the idea of purchasing a TV bed may have entered your head. And who’s to blame you?! Whether it be a way to keep your children entertained during this time, or to provide the perfect downtime for both yourself and the other half, there has never been a better time to browse the fantastic range of TV beds we have on offer...Read more...

TV Bed On Finance

Why Should You Pay For Your TV Bed on Finance?

Times may be challenging at the moment, and money may be short during the COVID-19 outbreak, but what better way to spend your period of self-isolation than with a new TV bed, right? Now we know what you’re thinking “how on earth am I able to afford a TV bed during these times?” well, our finance option gives you the perfect reason to purchase a TV bed right now, that is both reasonably priced and a fantastic addition to your home.Read more...

Is TV Before Bed Bad For You?

Is TV Before Bed Bad For You?

As much as we would like to tell you that you can never have too much of a good thing, and you’re free to watch as much TV from the comfort of your bed as you like, we’d be lying. And, here at, we want you to love your tv bed - which means it needs to be a sanctuary for sleep, as well as prime time viewing! So how do you achieve this?Read more...

Are TV Beds Dangerous

Are TV beds dangerous?

One of the main questions we get from customers who dream of a TV bed is "how safe are they"? Which is a fair point, as after all this bed does have an electrical element, giving it a whole host of extra hazards as a result. Here at, we can put your mind to rest in assuring you that TV beds are just as safe as their standard counterparts, with this blog post highlighting the reasons why.Read more...

TV Bed Brands

Our brilliant bed brands showcased

Wouldn’t choosing the best TV bed be so much easier if you already knew which names to watch out for? You’re in luck. Here at, we only stock brands we know and trust, bringing you a selection of the best TV beds all under one roof. Read more...

Things to Consider TV Bed

Things to consider when purchasing a TV bed

Often purchasing a TV bed is not an impulsive decision and is something that is thought about and saved up for months beforehand! There are a lot of variables to look at before pulling the trigger and making the purchase. Read more...

Features of a TV Bed

Best features to look for in a new TV bed

A TV bed is a great addition to your bedroom - even before you consider the number of special features that can come with it. TV beds offer so much more than a standard bed. Read more...

2020 TV Bed

Is 2020 the year you finally purchase a TV bed?

Have you considered buying a TV bed before? Well why not make 2020 the year it actually happens? We promise you won’t regret it.. Read more...

Ottoman TV beds

Best ottoman TV beds for post-Christmas storage

TNeed to declutter post-Christmas? Made a resolution to keep your bedroom tidier to create a more relaxing and restful environment? That’s easily achieved, with a new ottoman TV bed from Read more...

Cheap TV Beds

The best cheap TV beds on sale today

There’s no escaping the fact that a TV bed costs more than an ordinary bed – but then there’s nothing ordinary about a TV bed! Offering comfort, style and convenience, TV beds are the ultimate in luxury but, here at TV Bed, we aim to make all our prices competitive and boast an impressive range of cheap TV beds. Read more...

Christmas TV Beds

Cosy up this Christmas with a TV bed

Here at TV bed, we offer an enormous selection of beds that can fit in with any home. So, whether you’re planning a festive duvet day alone, or with the whole family tucked in, we have you covered with our wide range of  TV beds sized from single to super king. Below we list some of our seasonal favourites Read more...

Cheap TV Beds On Sale

The best TV beds on sale today

The 4 letter word that everyone loves to hear - sale! Here at TV Bed, we understand that purchasing a TV Bed is often seen as a luxury expense, one that you might struggle to justify at this time of the year. But, with our fantastic sale prices, there’s nothing stopping you.Read more...

White TV Beds

Brighten up your bedroom with a white TV bed

A versatile shade that can work with a variety of different colourways, white is a safe bet for creating a bright, attractive space – so it goes without saying that a white TV bed is a great choice.Read more...

Super King TV Bed

Super saving with a super king TV bed

How many times have you thought about how cool a TV bed would be in your bedroom? We’ll bet you’ve even come to close to buying one but have stopped short of clicking the “proceed to checkout” button – sound familiar? Well maybe we can tempt you here at TVBed, with our range of super king beds currently available with incredible discounts.Read more...

Double TV Beds

The cheapest double TV beds available to you today!

At some point you’ve thought it would be cool to install a TV bed, right? Who hasn’t? We’ll also bet the only thing that’s stopped you going through with the purchase, is the price. Well great news - here at, we stock fantastic quality double TV beds at even more fantastic prices.  Take a look at a couple of our favourites... Read more...

Sale TV Bed

Save big with the TV Bed MEGA SALE now!

Here at TV Bed, we understand that sometimes cost can be a hurdle too far for people who are considering one of our TV Beds for their bedroom! To give back to our customers, we have placed some of our favourite models in our Mega Sale. Read more...

Modernise your bedroom with a velvet TV bed

Modernise your bedroom with a velvet TV bed

So you like the idea of a TV bed, but you’re worried you might have to sacrifice on style? Not true. Here at we stock a range of  luxurious crushed velvet TV beds that provide all the latest technology encased in a chic, fashionable frame. Read more...

Relax this summer holiday with a TV Bed

Relax this summer holiday with a TV bed

Is your child looking for a way to wind down during a busy summer off school? Are they ready to binge watch a new series on Netflix to discuss with friends? are the company to answer your prayers with our range of single beds with a TV built in. Read more...

TV Bed USB Port

Go full tech with a USB charging port on your TV bed

Have you ever wanted to use your mobile phone in bed whilst charging it? We’ll bet you have. We’ll also bet the wire wasn’t long enough to reach from the plug - sound familiar? Well this problem is no more, with a TV bed from that comes complete with a handy USB charging port. Read more...

Which TV Beds Can House The Largest Televisions?

Which TV Beds Can House The Largest Televisions?

Are you looking to buy a TV bed that can house a large television? At we have a huge online range - including TV beds that can accommodate screens as big as 43". Read more...

The Best Sellers from Our TV Bed Collection

The Best Sellers from Our TV Bed Collection

Here at, we understand how difficult a decision it can be when choosing a new TV bed. After all, with us you are spoilt for choice - we are home to the largest collection of TV beds in the world. Read more...

New Additions to the TV Bed Range

New Additions to the TV Bed Range

Looking for a new TV bed for your home? Renovating your bedroom ahead of summer? At we stock the world’s largest collection of TV beds - a bed with the functionality to raise a television from its footer. We regularly update our range with the latest innovative designs and free delivery comes as standard on all our products. Read more...

Grab A Spring Special TV Bed

Grab A Spring Special TV Bed

As we move from spring into summer, here at we have decided to add a number of our most sought-after TV beds to our spring special collection. Available at a reduced price for a limited time only these top of the range TV beds allow you to watch TV from the comfort of your bed. Read more...

Rejuvenate your bedroom for summer

Rejuvenate your bedroom for summer with a TV bed

Are you planning a revamp of your bedroom this summer? What better place to start than with a new bed? TV Beds offer a whole host of benefits and, here at, you’ll be spoilt for choice as we boast the world’s largest selection. Read more...

Easter Bargain TV Bed

Find an Easter Bargain with the Vega IV Ottoman TV Bed

Looking for a new TV bed at a bargain price? Here at, in celebration of this year’s Easter period, we have reduced the prices on a number of our Vega IV Ottoman TV Beds. Read more...

TV Beds with Built In Speakers

TV Beds with Built In Speakers

Here at, we are home to the largest choice of TV Beds, not just in the UK, but in the world. We are constantly updating our collection with exciting new designs and one of the latest styles we have on offer are TV Beds with speakers. Read more...

The Brand New Connect TV Bed

The Brand New Connect TV Bed

Are you searching for a new TV Bed? Here at, we are constantly updating our range with the latest, innovative TV Beds. In fact, our collection is the biggest, not just in the UK, but across the world. Read more...

New Storage Double and King Size TV Beds

New Storage Double and King Size TV Beds for 2019

Are you looking to freshen up your bedroom? Are you looking to save space and add more storage to the room? Here at we have a large selection of TV Beds, the biggest in the world in fact. Read more...

Add Glamour to Your Home with a Velvet TV Bed

Add Glamour to Your Home with a Velvet TV Bed

Are you looking to add some glamour to your home? In recent times, velvet has become a popular material used to add a touch of luxury in bedrooms. So why not compliment your décor with one of our velvet TV Beds? We have a selection ideal for any home of any style here at TV Bed. Read more...

Choosing the Perfect TV Bed

Our Top 3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect TV Bed

So, you want to buy a built-in TV bed? Well, you have come to the best place. As we stock the world’s largest selection of remote-controlled TV beds, which will guarantee you a comfortable and entertaining bedtime experience. Read more...

TV Beds Bedroom Storage

3 Ways a TV Bed Can Help with Bedroom Storage

Are you about to start a bedroom renovation? If so, there are a number of factors that you should take into consideration. Of course, you want the room to feel luxurious and sophisticated, with all the latest mod-cons. But it also needs to have a sufficient level of storage space. This is where a TV bed can be of use. Read more...

New TV Bed

A New Year, A New TV Bed

There is no better time than the beginning of the year to start an upheaval of your bedroom. The main focus of the room is, of course, the bed. Here at, we offer a massive selection of TV Beds which combines a traditional bed structure with your television by housing it in the base of your footboard. Read more...

New Bedroom TV Bed

Refresh Your Bedroom at New Year with a TV Bed

With the festive period behind us, many people now look ahead for the year by choosing to refresh and renovate parts of their home. A popular room for redecoration is the bedroom. After all, we spend a considerable amount of time there when sleeping and relaxing. At we provide TV Beds which, as the name suggests, combines the traditional bed with a TV. Read more...

Storage TV Beds

The Best TV Beds with Storage

At we house a massive collection of TV Beds for you to choose from. In fact, it is the biggest selection in the world! A TV Bed functions like a normal bed but it is special due to the fact it can store a television in the footer. Read more...

Latest TV Beds

The Latest TV Beds Ideal for Your Bedroom Renovation

It is commonly thought within the interior design industry thought that rooms in your home, such as the bedroom, should be redecorated every three or four years. Many homeowners choose to redecorate their home in the lead up to the holiday period to make it looking perfect for Christmas and the New Year. Read more...

Popular King Size TV Beds for Sale

Three of Our Most Popular King Size TV Beds for Sale

We stock a huge collection of King Size TV Beds here at Our range is the biggest in not just the UK but the entire world. While we take pride in housing such a large, diverse selection of TV Beds, this blog post details three of the King Size TV Beds we have for sale that have proven most popular with TV Bed customers. Read more...

Winter TV Bed

TV Beds Perfect For A Winter Bedroom Transformation

As we enter into the dark, colder winter months there is no better way to add a warm touch to your bedroom than transforming the room to create a cosy haven. While the introduction of extra pillows and blankets, along with a thicker duvet will no doubt add a cosier feeling to the room, nothing can make a bigger impact than the introduction of a new TV Bed. Read more...

Ottoman TV Bed

The Best Ottoman TV Bed for You

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, it is important to make the correct choice when you choose the bed, which is no doubt the focal point of the room. Here at, we stock various styles and one of the most practical designs we stock is the Ottoman TV Bed.

Super King TV Bed Frame

Picking the Ideal Super King TV Bed For Your Home

Choosing a new bed is a big decision for any homeowner. Which style? Which colour? Which size? There are countless choices available and here at it is no different. We stock the biggest range of TV Beds in not just the country but the entire world. Read more...

King Size TV Bed

Choosing A King Size TV Bed

If you are looking for a new King Size TV Bed, then look no further than the massive selection of TV Beds we have available here at You can rest assured you will have more than enough choice for your new King Size TV Bed Frame. Read more...

Crushed Velvet Ottoman Storage TV Bed

Crushed Velvet Ottoman Storage TV Bed

Here at we have a huge collection of TV Beds. In fact, it is the biggest range in not just the UK but the entire world. If you are looking for a new TV Bed then you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for here. No matter the size or style you are looking for, our diverse selection of beds can perfectly meet your needs. Read more...

Stanford Ottoman TV Bed

Stanford Ottoman TV Bed

At amongst our newest products is the Stanford Ottoman TV Bed. Our massive collection of TV Beds is not only the biggest selection in the UK but in the world. Whatever TV Bed product you require, we are sure you will find something to suit your needs and nothing can match your requirements like the Stanford Ottoman. Read more...

Alpha Manual Cheapest TV Bed

Alpha Manual Cheapest TV Bed

We stock a wide collection of TV Beds. In fact, the range we have on offer both online and instore is the largest collection of TV Bed products not just in the country but in the world. You can find a vast selection of bed styles and sizes on site and back in stock for summer is our most popular product - the Alpha Manual TV Bed. Read more...

Popular TV Beds

Our Most Popular TV Beds

Here at, we are the providers of the biggest collection of TV Beds in the world, so if you are looking to purchase a new bed that houses a television in the footer of the bed then look no further than the multitude of options we have on site. Check out our three most popular TV Beds. Read more...

Add life to your bedroom with a TV bed

Add life to your bedroom with a TV bed

We spend roughly a third of our lives in bed or in our bedroom so when it comes to choosing a new bed it is imperative that you choose the right one. Read more...

Kids Car Beds

Top 3 Kids Car Beds

Not only do we offer the world’s biggest range of TV beds but we also provide an extensive collection of Car Beds for children. A Car Bed from can come in an exciting range of styles, colours and designs. Read more...

How does a TV Bed work

How does a TV Bed work?

A TV Bed is a bed which houses a TV in its footer and here at we host the largest collection of TV Beds not just in the UK but in the world. Read more...

TV Beds Benefits

The Benefits Of A TV Bed

TV Beds provide the largest collection of TV Beds in not just the UK but the entire world. A TV Bed is regular divan bed frame which houses your TV in the footer of the bed. Read more...

Sealy Mattress TV Beds

What is a Sealy Mattress?

Sealy is amongst the major bed brands in the world with over 100 years of experience to their name. TV Beds offer Sealy Mattresses from the renown Sealy Beds, who have been operational in the UK under licence from Sealy in the US since the early 1970s. Read more...

Which Double TV Bed should you buy? - TV Bed

Which Double TV Bed should you buy?

TV Beds offer the world’s biggest range of double TV Beds. The Double TV Bed, which combines a normal double bed with the luxury of being able to watch a TV that is contained in the footer of the bed frame, is a much sought-after creation. Read more...

Why should you buy a TV Bed? - TV Bed

Why should you buy a TV Bed?

We are the largest provider of TV Beds in the world. We offer the most comfortable beds and the best of modern technology to create the TV Bed, the perfect focus of any bedroom, offering a range of TV Beds for sale capable of fitting in with any style or décor.  Read More....