Brighten up your bedroom with a white TV bed

Brighten up your bedroom with a white TV bed

A versatile shade that can work with a variety of different colourways, white is a safe bet for creating a bright, attractive space – so it goes without saying that a white TV bed is a great choice.

TV beds are a smart piece of kit that allow you to combine maximum comfort with the ability to watch TV or play on games consoles. And, here at TV Bed, we offer white TV beds in a variety of sizes so there’s something to suit the whole family.

Alpha 32” Single TV Bed

Kids are constantly changing their mind; a favourite colour one week might be their most hated the next. By opting for a white TV bed, whatever rainbow of colour they create in the rest of their room, you can rest easy that it will always be complimented by their bed.   

A great single TV bed is the  Alpha 32”. This is unique in the sense that it is the only single TV bed in the UK to accommodate a screen of up to 32” inside this single bed TV frame - perfect for gaming or watching films. Available in a stylish faux leather this product is hugely popular here at TV bed - and it is no surprise with its unbelievable price! Currently available at £399, a whopping £200 discount on its regular price, so be sure not to miss out on this fantastic offer.

Alpha Manual Double TV Bed

Need a bit more wriggle room? If you would like to upgrade to a double bed with a TV at an equally tremendous price, then the Alpha Manual TV Bed is for you. Its leather finish exudes style and its strong construction and centre support legs mean you’ll be enjoying your bed for many years to come.

Vivaldi iAudio King Size TV Bed

The Vivaldi iAudio TV Bed is compatible with current LCD and LED TV’s that are up to 32” in size, and a thickness of 8mm meaning you may not have to purchase a new TV as well as the frame. The iAudio model is connected with iPhones and iPods to allow for USB and MP3 connection, meaning you can listen to all your favourite tunes from the comfort of your own bed.

This king size TV Bed is sure to prove quite the attraction in any bedroom, with its rich, faux leather. A stylish headboard with smooth leather lines completes this fresh modern look to make your TV bed the location of choice for primetime viewing!

Finance options

At TV Bed, we provide finance options to ensure that you can enjoy the benefits of our fantastic TV beds without burning a hole in your pocket. Our “buy now, pay later” method of finance has proved to be a popular choice with customers in the past, as this defers your payments for up to 12 months. You can also spread the cost of your purchase over a period of 36 monthly instalments, meaning there is no reason to put off buying a TV bed any longer!

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