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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of our most common questions and answers. If we have not covered your question please call Free 0800 084 26 84 or email sales@tvbed.co.uk


Q: Is a TV included in every TV Bed?

A: No - Each TV Bed has deals unique to that model, some are preinstalled with TVs and some are purchased seperately, with a choice of normal or SMART TVs. This is shown clearly on the individual web page in 'what is included'.

Q: Is a mattress included with a TVBed? 

A: No, We offer a select range that are reduced in cost in order to help make your order as complete as we can, however, sometimes their may be promotional offers..

Q: What about delivery and installation? Is that available for all TVBeds?

AALL TV Beds include FREE delivery. FREE assembly is offered on most TV Beds and  that information is clearly included at the top of the product page. Some models are delivered and require self assembly. Details of this can also be found clearly within each product page.

Q: Can I choose a mattress from sister sites to TVBed.co.uk

A: Yes  

Q: Is a TV included with the bed/ottoman 
A: Only if highlighted on its repsective page

Q: Are the TVs LCD, LED or Plasma?
A: All the models we supply are branded and are either LED HD or LED SMART HD.

Q: Can I upgrade to a larger TV ?
A: Some beds that aren't preinstalled with a TV will accomodate upto a 32" or even now a 40" but if a TV is preinstalled with the bed it may be a maximum of upto 32" HD model as standard, some models can be upgraded to a 32" SMART HD as a FREE offer unique to TVBed, and all the 7' Emporer TV Beds carry a 32" HD standard at the moment.

Q: On the models that have a preinstalled TV, can I exclude the pre installed TV and install my own?

A: No not really as the bases and backing plates are laser drilled and the TVs are professionally installed at the manufacturing stage. This is one of the reasons why those models of beds with preinstalled TVs are the slimest available on the market. However as all the preinstalled models use the latest VESA mounting system, so it may enable alternate models to be fitted in the future.

Q: What is the maximum TV size (if available) ?
A: Depending on bed model, upto 40" inch with the majority still at 32" 

Q: Can I use my current LCD, LED or Plasma ?
A: Yes, most models of  beds are designed with larger apertures that can easily accomodate your own TV.(depths are advised)

Q: If I supply my own TV will the engineer fit it for me ? 

A: Regrettably no, our installers can only fit a TV if it is purchased from TVBed as part of the order, but cannot fit customers own TVs.

Q: Do the Manual Beds include installation?

A: No they are self assembly

Q: Can I change my TV brand option on the beds that come with a TV preinstalled?
A: No, with the preinstalled models, at the moment we use Samsung branded TV's. TVs purchased from us to suit other models are normally branded.

Q: Does the TV & Bed come with a warranty ?
A: Yes, 1 or 2 years depending on the bed model (inc. in description) and warranties vary from engineers visit to posted parts.

Q: What can the beds be covered in?
A: We have a limited range that can be recovered to your personal supplied fabric choice, (call for a quote on 0800 084 26 84 or email sales@tvbed.co.uk) or a range that are covered with, standard faux leather, bonded or real leather, along with some exciting fabric choices such as mink. ( browns, ivories, black to name a few)

Q: Does the price include delivery and installation?
A: Delivery is FREE on all our range within the UK mainland and we provide that service FREE of charge, compliments of TVBed, installation is subject to bed model as advised on its respective site. Our FREE installation is offered as a service and not part of the bed contract.

Q: Can we deliver on Saturday's?
A: Yes - at the installers discretion in some circumstances at an extra charge may be applicable

Q: Can I specify an earliest deliver date or specify a delivery period ?
A: Yes, we try to deliver within preferred timescales, however we cannot advise exact dates, only within a prefered date range, the installers will confirm your exact day, and on that day, call you at least an hour before expecting to attend.

Q: Can I put my order on hold until I am ready for delivery ?

A: Yes, we're happy to do that for you.

Q: Does the bed come cable ready to plug and go?

A: Yes, most beds do come with some cabling, although we recomend you procure an extention lead for power in anticipation of an install.

Q: Can I add a DVD Bluray, TV ?

A: Yes, you can purchase any at the time of order subject to stock or of course use your own.

Q: Can I add a Sky or a digital receiver ?

A: Yes, and additional connections/wiring will be needed, please note it is not within the remit of our installers to set those up.

Q: Can I have the storage compartment situated on the opposite side than the normal specifiction?

A: On certain models, the sides are not handed, so they can be utilised on either side, some are handed, and some manufactures will make it bespoke at a charge of £150.00, please ask if unsure about your model choice.

Q: Where should the electric and aerial points be situated?
A: At the head of the bed or in the floor under the bed, however most simply use their existing bedside lamp sockets.

Q: How is the bed delivered ?

A: The bed is delivered, by a 2 man team and in sections, comprising of individual heavy duty boxes 

Q: Can I change my preference once in production? 

A: Sometimes, but it depends where and how far into production the order is, as they are all hand made to order.

Q: When must the order be paid for ?

A: Payment is expected at time of order placement by credit/debit card, cheque, bank transfer or cash (25% deposit can be paid if more convenient with the balance being required 48 hours before a booked delivery) or by taking advantage of our many competitive finance rates, from 0% and upto 3yrs !!

Q: Will I receive a written confirmation? 
A: Yes, instantly if ordered online and you will receive a follow up written confirmation the same or very next business day

Q: Will I be kept up to date with the progress of my order? 

A: Yes, if there is any deviation or concern whilst awaiting your order, the person with whom the order was placed will advise you as necessary.

Q: Can I purchase a bed side table/cabinet ?

A: Yes

Q: Do all the beds have side compartments? 

A: Yes

Q: What type of base is used ?

A: A beech slatted base is used for maximum comfort.

Q Is the base suitable for all mattresses ?

A: Yes the base is suitable for all mattresses and helps to increase air circulation

Q: Can I have choose an adjustable base in order to raise my lying position 
A: No, not at present, but that is something we are considering in the future. 

Q: What is the voltage ?

A:All TVBeds made in the UK have UK 230/240V

IF WE HAVE NOT COVERED YOUR QUESTION PLEASE CALL FREE ON 0800 084 26 84 or email: sales@tvbed.co.uk