How to get a good night’s sleep on a TV bed

Good nights sleep TV Bed

Here at TVBed, we often get customers who were unsure on buying a TV bed, due to the effects that are often shown from studies of the amount of TV you watch before sleeping, and the quality of sleep that you have. We understand their reservations, as, after all, everyone wants to be in the best possible shape for the next day, which all starts from a high-quality period of sleep! However, there are many ways you can use a TV bed to ensure that you can still enjoy the leisure time of watching TV whilst it not proving a detriment to the amount of sleep that you have.

Make the most of its comfort

One of the aspects of a TV bed we promote most here at, is the actual comfort of the mattresses that we also sell, as well as our beds! We understand that having a home entertainment system at the end of your bed is all well and good, but if you’re not at supreme levels of comfort whilst watching TV, you will quickly be deterred from doing so. Remember that a comfy bed means that a good nights sleep can be achieved any time, so take advantage of this if you know an early night is needed, the next episode of your favourite series can often wait until the next day.

Have your TV setting on low brightness

If you do choose to watch TV before bed as a way of winding down before sleep, then there are ways that you can make sure the lights emitted by the TV in a dark room have minimal impact on your quality of rest. Normally, the bright artificial lights of a TV (especially blue lights) can delay the onset of REM sleep, which could lead to drowsiness in the mornings. To avoid or limit this, you could always try putting the brightness of your TV to a lower setting, which can put less strain on your eyes in a dark room.

Make sure the TV is fully lowered before trying to sleep

The safety aspect of our TV beds is something we emphasise a lot here at, and for good reason! We want all of our customers to know the steps they should take to ensure that they have no fears about any potential fire hazards that involve the electrics of our products. To make sure that you have full peace of mind before drifting off to sleep, be sure to lower the TV using the instructions provided, and make sure that it is fully lowered and powered off, even unplug the device if you have to!

This makes sure that you can sleep easy knowing that your TV bed is still running in the background.

TV beds don’t always have to be used at night!

Of course, as most owners of a TV bed will tell you, this piece of furniture doesn’t just come into it’s own at night. Normally, if you can afford a lazy lie in, a TV bed is perfect for making the most of those precious hours. If you don’t feel comfortable in watching TV before you sleep at night, there are always plenty of other occasions when you can enjoy the benefits of what one of our TV beds for sale can bring.

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