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How does a TV Bed work?

How does a TV Bed work

A TV Bed is a bed which houses a TV in its footer and here at tvbed.co.uk we host the largest collection of TV Beds not just in the UK but in the world.

The majority of our TV beds come with some wires and cables, so we advise that you have an extension lead available for use in order to power your TV bed once it is installed. Additional space for connections to a DVD player, satellite box or games console will also be needed, but please be aware it is not the responsibility of our installers set up such appliances for you.

TV Bed Safety

For every single model of TV Bed that we supply, the safety of the product we provide is imperative. Our TV Beds have safety cut offs as part of the footboard which means that once you return your TV to within the footboard then the power will immediately cut off.

This is perfect, as once you have finished watching your favourite film or TV series and wish to go to bed you do not have to get out of bed to check your TV is correctly switched off.

Our TV Beds can house any new TV or modern TV design from any size all the way up to 40" whilst some of our products such as the Maddison TV Bed can accommodate 42" or even certain 43" TVs. We would always advise that you purchase a TV to suit your TV Bed rather than a TV Bed to suit your current television.

TV Bed Design

The way our TV Beds are designed means that your television innovatively lifts out of your footboard but without detract any elegance from your bedroom. Our design raises your Smart TV or LED TV from within your footboard, a just the touch of a button. When combined with one of our sumptuous mattresses you can create the ultimate luxury experience in your own bedroom.

Our choice of smooth, luxurious TV Bed designs give you plenty to choose from and a vast amount of our TV Beds also have Ottoman storage incorporated into the design to allow you to house your DVD collection or console games.