Why Should You Pay For Your TV Bed on Finance?

TV Bed On Finance

Times may be challenging at the moment, and money may be short during the COVID-19 outbreak, but what better way to spend your period of self-isolation than with a new TV bed, right? Now we know what you’re thinking “how on earth am I able to afford a TV bed during these times?” well, our finance option gives you the perfect reason to purchase a TV bed right now, that is both reasonably priced and a fantastic addition to your home.

Keeps your bed affordable

We know here at TVbed.co.uk that one of the first things to put people off buying a new TV bed is the price. We aren’t going to kid you and tell you that they are cheaper than a standard bed; however, the amazing features that come with our models make them excellent value for money. Whether you want a TV bed with speakers or just a place to binge-watch your favourite Netflix series, one of our products is the perfect solution, and can be yours today!

Our finance option allows you to be able to afford your TV bed with a series of much smaller payments. Enjoy your dream TV bed now without burning a hole in your pocket by paying for your new bed on finance so you can spend hours in your luxurious abode whilst still having more than enough budget to keep on top of essential payments.

Customisable payment options

By partnering up with payment service Klarna, we are able to offer payment plans of 12, 24 or 36 months so you can choose whatever method is most convenient for you. Able to pay off the bed with larger monthly payments? Be sure to take a look at our 12-month option or extend this to 36 months if you need more time to pay off the bed of your dreams.

With 0% interest available, you will be met with no hidden fees that will change your mind on which option is best for you. So why not see if you are suitable for our finance options now? You could have one of our many TV beds in your bedroom before you know it!

Enjoy the very best of our range

Paying on finance means you truly can take your pick from our very best TV beds, as long as you can afford to pay the monthly amount! You can put the worries of hanging off the bed behind you by purchasing one of our double tv beds or even upgrade to one of our many king size TV beds.

This means you can combine the comfort of under your duvet with the modern technology of a flat-screen TV at the bottom of your bed. The perfect retreat to relax before you sleep or to enjoy a well-deserved lie-in, our TV beds come in a range of colours and designs that are sure to take your fancy as a perfect solution for the current isolation period and beyond!

Contact us

Have any questions about our finance options that we haven’t covered in this post? Check out our FAQs for more information. Still not found an answer? Contact us today to speak to one of our team. Simply give us a call on 0800 084 26 84 or email us at sales@tvbed.co.uk, we’d love to hear from you!