Which Double TV Bed should you buy?

Which Double TV Bed should you buy? - TV Bed

TV Beds offer the world’s biggest range of double TV Beds. The Double TV Bed, which combines a normal double bed with the luxury of being able to watch a TV that is contained in the footer of the bed frame, is a much sought-after creation.

The TV Bed range of deluxe double beds with TV designs allows you plenty of choices when you are picking out your next bed.

A vast number of our beds come with storage, providing a place to house all your DVDs. Plan for a cosy night in front of the TV with one of our luxurious Double Size TV beds. Sit back and relax while you elevate the state-of-the-art TV from within the base of your bed.

Below are three of our most popular Double TV Bed Frames, check them out now or browse through the full range on site.

Alpha Manual TV Bed

The Alpha Manual Double TV Bed is a spectacular, new design which is a TVBed.co.uk exclusive. The bed, which is the UK’s cheapest Double Bed with a TV, is furnished in black faux leather and united with a lavish padded headboard.

The TV is elevated pneumatically out of the bottom of the bed with the touch of a button, while the Alpha Manual Double TV Bed has a power off safety button placed in the foot of the bed. This powers your TV through the mains power cable but can also be used to turn off any voltage to the TV when it is lowered back into the bottom of the bed. This feature, which is unique to the Alpha, saves power and provides greater safety to the bed owner.

Liberty II Laike Grey Fabric TV Bed

TV Bed offer the brand-new Liberty II Fabric Double TV Bed. This exceptionally popular model is upholstered in grey fabric and offers a remote-control lift and spacious storage facilities underneath the Double TV Bed Frame.

Any audio or visual apparatus can be positioned below the bed in the substantial storage space, so you will not have to worry about where to store your DVD player or your PlayStation. This Double Bed with TV can also house a 40" TV while the power cable for your TV comes pre-installed in the footboard.

Vega III Ottoman TV Bed

The Vega III Ottoman Double TV Bed is one of our leading designs. Revamped, this model now has an improved TV lift and is combined with Ottoman storage which is easy to access and a perfect way to utilise the space beneath your bed.

This stylish Double TV Bed Frame has a remote button on both sides of the bed to control the mechanism which lifts the TV up from the foot of the bed as well as powering the TV too. Once placed back in the footboard, the Vega III shuts down power which prevents multiple turn-offs such as the TV itself and then a DVD player for example. This is not a feature with most Double Bed with TVs.

TV Bed also have a free delivery and installation service which comes with almost all our Double Bed with a TV packages.