Modernise Your Bedroom With A Velvet TV Bed

So you like the idea of a TV bed, but you’re worried you might have to sacrifice on style? Not true. Here at we stock a range of luxurious crushed velvet TV beds that provide all the latest technology encased in a chic, fashionable frame.

Here we showcase two of our best-selling velvet TV beds:

Maddison II Ottoman Silver Crushed Velvet

This silver crushed velvet TV bed is most popular with customers looking for ultimate comfort whilst still wanting to create a modern, trendy bedroom. Equipped with a charging port on either side you are able to use your mobile device, whilst it charges, without leaving the comfort of your bed.

This fantastic piece of furniture is available in 3 sizes, these are:

  • Double
  • King
  • Superking

This bed also accommodates up to a 40” TV screen (32” in the double bed) which can be your own suitable TV, or you can purchase a new TV with us here at TV Bed. This model has the bonus of ottoman storage to allow for room for all your essentials.

Harvard IV iAudio Ottoman TV Bed

Another velvet tv bed that we are proud to supply here at TV Bed is our Harvard IV iAudio model. This king size bed holds up to a 40” screen and is a lot thinner than the previous model allowing for a more streamlined look and saving valuable space in your room. This bed is also an ottoman model providing a great storage space underneath. It also benefits from an electric TV lift system on both sides , meaning whatever side of the bed you’re on, the TV can be raised from the side. This ensures you don’t have to move too far from “your” side of the bed!

The bed has a 2.1 surround system for premium quality audio, as well as Bluetooth connection that allows you to stream your favourite music and sing your heart out from the comfort of your own bed.

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