5 Year Warranty

We’ve got you covered - 5 Year Structural Warranty 

We offer a fantastic 5 Year Warranty on all Nestco TV Beds. From the date of delivery, you are given 12 months manufacturing guarantee; Following the expiration of the 12-month manufacturing guarantee, we will extend this for a further 4 years to give you a comprehensive manufacturing guarantee for 5 years from the purchase date. This cover is totally free to offer you perfect peace of mind, it is a structural cover, structural means the failure of components or workmanship after the expiration manufactures guarantee.

What is Covered?

  • Defects to frames
  • Defects to fabric materials such as fraying
  • Peeling of the finish on solid wood
  • Bending and breakage to metal components
  • Excessive loss of resilience to mattresses
  • Defects to mechanical, electric TV lift mechanism
  • Broken zips, castors, and buttons
  • Separation of seams and stitching
  • Lifting or peeling of leather and vinyl
  • Broken springs and excessive stretching of webbing

Valid claims will be settled by repairing the damaged product. If parts are required, these will be sources using the original specification of the product. If the product cannot be repaired, we will provide an alternative settlement.

These guarantees do not cover fair wear and tear, neglect, abuse or misuse of your Products, loss, or damage, including rusting and corrosion, due to unreasonable exposure to water, heat or weather; loss or damage due to fire, smoke, explosion, lightning, sunlight, infestation by animals or boring insects, damage by animals generally or theft, or accidental damage or loss caused by a third party. If you wish to cover the previously listed, at a small additional cost, a comprehensive 5 years Stain and Accidental Policy can be added at checkout. 

You must read the Insurance Product Information Document [IPID] prior to purchase. You will be asked if this has been read and understood at the checkout.

How to make a claim

In the event of a claim under 12 months manufacturing guarantee occurring, please contact sales@tvbed.co.uk quoting your order number, address, contact details and a summary of the problem with accompanying photos if applicable. We will then notify you whether the claim is valid via telephone or e-mail within a reasonable period of time.

In the event of an accepted claim under guarantee we will endeavour to repair the defective goods. If a repair is not possible, you will be offered a replacement and only if a suitable replacement is not available will you be offered a refund.

For claims made in year 2, 3, 4 or 5, please contact Castelan Limited direct, this can be done via telephone (0370 320 3333), or through their website by clicking on ‘Make a claim’.

What are my obligations?

  • To take all reasonable precautions to safeguard the product to avoid loss or damage to it
  • To maintain the product in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
  • To make a claim as soon as possible, but no longer than 28 days after noticing the damage, as shown in your terms and conditions
  • To supply accurate and complete answers to all questions we may ask as part of your application for cover under the policy.


We also provide at a small additional cost, a comprehensive 5-year Stain and Accidental policy. This would complement your FOC Structural cover.

5 Year PremierCare Stain & Accidental Policy

Protect your TV Bed from stains & accidental damage starting from £30.00. 

PremierCare is designed to make sure your furniture’s appearance is not spoiled by everyday accidents such as household spills, rips, tears or burns. PremierCare Protection covers your furniture for 5 years and provides you with peace of mind that repair costs and stain removal are taken care of.

What Cover is Available?

PremierCare features cover against stains and accidental damage.

Stain Cover

Covers you against ALL (No Exclusions) sudden and accidental household spills resulting in a stain on your fabric.

Stains Covered:

PremierCare will protect and restore your furniture even if it has been affected by any of the example stains below:

  • • Tea/coffee/hot chocolate • Red/white wine • Alcohol • Tomato ketchup • Milk • Blackcurrant and orange juice • Cola and other fizzy drinks • Curry & pizza • Spaghetti Bolognese • Grease from foodstuffs • Shoe polish • Chocolate and confectionery • Nail varnish • Cosmetics Soap products • Paint & wax • Human and animal bodily fluids • Mineral oil and glue • Soot • Tar • Dye transfer

Please note: Other stains not listed here are included. Stain removal is subject to Terms and Conditions that can be found in the downloadable leaflet.

Accidental Damage Cover

  • Guards against accidental damage resulting in a rip, tear or burn to your fabric or leather upholstery. An extra benefit of PremierCare accidental damage cover is that you can also claim if your child under 12, deliberately damages your furniture, and you get coverage for pet damage too.

Accidental Damage Covered:

PremierCare covers common household accidents resulting in:

  • Upholstery: • Rip • Tear • Burn • Pet Damage

How Much Will It Cost?

Prices are based on the value of the bed, not the value of the order.

Bed Value


£200.00 - £499.00


£500.00 - £999.00


£1,000.00 - £1,499.00


£1,500.00 - £1,999.00


£2,000.00 - £2,999.00


Please note: All prices are inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax at 12%

How Do I Purchase PremierCare Stain & Accidental Protection?

When you have chosen your new TV Bed, you can choose the option of PremierCare Stain & Accidental Protection at checkout.

Please note: PremierCare Protection must be ordered prior to delivery of your furniture; it cannot be purchased after you have received the items.

You will receive your Certificate of insurance by email & any other documents a few days after your delivery, keep these as you will need them to make a claim.

Who Supplies the PremierCare Protection?

PremierCare Stain & Accidental Protection is supplied by Castelan Limited. Click here to download the full PremierCare leaflet. By purchasing PremierCare protection, you are entering into a contract with Castelan Limited. Please read their Terms and Conditions here.

This product will meet the demands of those who:

• Wish to protect their furniture from the risks explained in the Insurance Product Information Document and understand this insurance falls outside the scope of our statutory or contractual obligations
• Wish to protect their furniture for the duration of the policy knowing that you will not be required to pay a claim excess or affect any form of no claims bonus which may apply on a contents insurance policy
• Understand the insurance provides specific cover for the furniture being purchased and is not a general maintenance contract

You must read the Insurance Product Information Document [IPID] prior to purchase. You will be asked if this has been read and understood at the checkout.

Administrator and Insurer

Policies are arranged and administered by Castelan Limited. Information on the insurer can be found on their website. Castelan Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (formerly the Financial Services Authority).

*All 5 Year Warranties commenced 17.04.24