Picking The Ideal Super King TV Bed For Your Home

Choosing a new bed is a big decision for any homeowner. Which style? Which colour? Which size? There are countless choices available and here at tvbed.co.uk it is no different. We stock the biggest range of TV Beds in not just the country but the entire world.

Amongst our most popular products are our selection of Super King Size TV Beds thanks to the various designs and styles we provide to our online customers. You can guarantee that you will be able to find a TV Bed that can suit your needs and that can complement your current bedroom décor and colour scheme. If you are searching for a new Super King TV Bed Frame then look no further than our wide-ranging collection.

Below we have outlined three of the most sought-after products in this range to help you when you are trying to pick the ideal Super King TV Bed for your home.

Super King TV Bed Frame
We have several TV Beds for sale that are available in super king size. The cheapest Super King Size TV Bed we offer is the Sweet Dreams Jasmine Fabric TV Bed. The base of the bed is sprung slatted and includes a strengthening rail through the centre of the bed to provide further support. There are many additional options that come with this product. You can choose more than 40 different fabric options as well as various subsided mattress options. This product is available for less than £1000.

Another selection of Super King TV Beds we have for sale are our Vision Ottoman TV Bed range. They offer extensive storage space beneath the bed frame for you to house extra bedding, pillows and blankets as well as the DVDs and games consoles you can watch or play on the TV based in the foot end of the bed. There are three Super King Size TV Beds available, they are as follows:

Vision Chic Ottoman Super King TV Bed
Vision Classic Ottoman Super King TV Bed
Vision Sparkle Ottoman Super King TV Bed
One our of latest products in this size is the Vega IV Ottoman TV Bed. A follow-on design from the popular previous versions in the Vega range, this Super King TV Bed Frame now includes a built-in iAudio centre. Also incorporated into the design are a Bluetooth dock, USB charging ports and a surround sound system. A TV of up to 40" can be housed in this design, though we always recommend buying a TV to suit your bed rather than the other way around.

Super King Size TV Bed On Finance
Each of the Super King Size TV Beds we sell can be paid for using our variety of finance options. No matter which bed you choose, these payment plans all everyone to be able to afford the bed they desire.

So long as your bed costs a minimum of £300, the remaining balance is more than £250 and you have paid a deposit of 10% or more you can benefit from interest-free finance payments over either 6 or 12 months. You can also defer payments for 12 months, but your monthly payments will then include an interest rate of 19.19% for the following 36 months.

Another option is the layaway payment plan, which allows you to pay off the balance of your bed 4 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks after you placed your order. You must pay an initial 20% deposit and meet each payment to receive your Super King Size TV Bed once you have fully paid for it.

For further information about Super King TV Beds, or any of our full range of products, you can contact us by calling 0800 084 26 84 or by emailing us at sales@tvbed.co.uk. Our helpful, knowledgeable team will be more than happy to answer any queries and questions you have.