Top 5 tips for sleeping in hot weather

The sunshine has finally made an appearance in the UK.

Whilst the soaring temperatures are enjoyable and welcomed with open arms during the day, they can be unbearable at night and often keep us from getting some much-needed shut-eye.

Not to worry though!

There are plenty of things you can try to keep you from tossing and turning -  our experts at TV Bed share their top five tips in this article.


How does temperature affect sleep?

During the sleep cycle, your body temperature will naturally begin to decrease, which is known as natural thermoregulation

External temperatures, however, can interfere with this process and if your bedroom is too hot – which it likely is in the summertime – it can increase your body temperature and interrupt your sleep.


1.   Keep curtains and blinds closed

On particularly hot, sunny days keeping your blinds and curtains closed will help keep your bedroom nice and cool.

 Keep them closed in the morning and only open them again at night when you go to bed to feel the benefit.

Many people find that blackout blinds or curtains are particularly effective at keeping their homes cool, as they’re designed to block out all outdoor light, but they also insulate your home in the winter, too.


2.   Take a hot shower or bath

Stick with us on this one.

Although it may sound like the worst idea ever, research shows that having a hot shower or bath a few hours before you hit the hay can actually help you cool down.

Controlling blood flow to the skin is an important way of controlling your internal body temperature and using hot water will boost your blood flow and increase heat loss.

By lowering your core body temperature in this way, you’ll be able to maintain your natural circadian rhythm and get a good night’s rest.


3.   Upgrade your bedding

Of course, your bed plays a major role in how comfortably you sleep.

Upgrading your pillows, duvet covers, and even your mattress can be a big help when trying to stick to your sleep schedule in the hot weather.

Certain pillows and mattresses made with thick foams absorb and trap your body heat in -  making drifting off to sleep near impossible in the summer.

Mattresses made from ventilated latex and open coil systems circulate air throughout the interior and provide above-average temperature control.

Likewise, sheets and pillowcases made from natural fibres – like linen or cotton – are also a must and offer much better breathability than those made from synthetic fabrics.


4.   Exercise during the day

Before bedtime, try not to do anything that will cause your body temperature to spike, as, along with the high summer temperatures, this can make it difficult to fall asleep at your usual time.

Exercising in the day is ideal, not only to avoid being hot and sweaty before bed, but also you help you feel more tired in the evening.


5.   Stay hydrated

This is important whatever the weather, but especially when it’s hot as it helps to regulate your body temperature and prevent dehydration.

Throughout the day, you should aim to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day – but to avoid frequent trips to the bathroom during the night, avoid drinking too much right before bed.


Upgrading your sleeping arrangements for summer?

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