Why A TV Bed Is The Perfect Christmas Present

Christmas may still be a few months away yet, but if you’re looking to create the perfect day for your loved ones, we’re sure the planning has already started! Have you considered a TV bed? Not only are they a supremely comfortable and sturdy addition to your bedroom, but they can act as an entertainment centre that can be utilised throughout the year.

If you’ve always thought a family member would love a TV bed as their main present this year, then here are some reasons why you may want to consider making the purchase to complete the best Christmas ever.

A show stopping arrival

Let’s be honest, TV beds are something that can transform a bedroom, giving it a more functional yet modern feel as soon as it is installed. All of the beds we stock online and, in our showroom, come with a stylish bedframe. With a range of colours and materials on offer, you’re sure to find one that takes your eye!

Not only this, but incorporating modern technology into your bed makes it a convenient option when wanting to unwind. Perhaps the recipient deserves the chance to chill out in style after a long day at school or work? Now they can, in a way that we’re sure they will be delighted with!

Will be used all year round

One guarantee with a TV bed is that it will constantly be in use. Not only will it be a perfect place to rest your head when accompanied by a comfy mattress, but it can also be used on cosy evenings or lazy mornings! In the winter months, you can retreat to your TV bed to keep warm whilst its cold out and watch your favourite TV series. Or in the summer, a weekend morning may be spent catching up on any episodes you’ve missed whilst enjoying some breakfast in bed.

This consistent usage makes a TV bed exceptional value for money. Along with their durability and affordable prices, you’re able to provide a Christmas gift that will last for the long term and runs no risk of being shelved anytime soon!

Ideal for the whole family

The great thing about TV beds is that they come in a whole host of sizes! This means that no matter who you’re buying for and how big or small they are, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit. If you’re buying for a young child for example, then a single bed may be all you need. But if you’re looking to buy for a teenager, a double TV bed could be the ideal purchase.

Perhaps you may be thinking of treating your other half to a new bed that might be well overdue? We’ve got you covered on that front too with a king size TV bed, usually the perfect size for couples. This way, you can enjoy your favourite TV and films together without the distraction of the kids!

Making use of ottoman storage

A quality that many TV beds have these days that people are unaware of is ottoman storage. This means that by simply lifting the bed up with a smart mechanism, you can access an area in which you can use for keeping your items secure. This is a hit with those that may have large families and where space is at a premium! Our storage TV beds are also available in a variety of sizes and can serve as a smart, multi-functional option with a wide range of benefits that extends past the ones mentioned in this blog.

Contact us today

So, is a TV bed at the top of your Christmas shopping list? If so, you’ve come to the right place at TVBed.co.uk. We have a wide selection of beds available that are sure to suit any preference, ensuring you give the perfect Christmas gift!

If you’d like to discuss any of our products with us before you make the purchase, then we’ll be glad to speak to you at any time. Simply call us on 0800 084 26 84 or email sales@tvbed.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also send us a message via our online enquiry form for a swift response from one of the team.