Single TV Beds 3'0

Ideal for your children to enjoy watching all of their film favourites, for them to snuggle up for a lazy lie in or even an early night in, look no further than a luxury Single TV bed!

Our simple yet elegant innovation creatively lifts your LED or Smart TV from within your footboard, the only single bed design in the UK to do so.

This is done through the use of a simple touch system which also allows you to put your TV away with ease and back into the base of your Single TV Bed when it is not in use! Combine your new bed, available in black or white leather, with one of our single bed mattresses for the definitive comfort experience.

Kick back, relax and enjoy the luxury of watching TV from the cosy surroundings of your new Single TV bed! Perfect for TV, films or gaming, our Single TV Beds make the ideal purchase for adult or child alike!

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  1. Alpha Single TV Bed In White
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