3 Ways A TV Bed Can Help With Bedroom Storage

Are you about to start a bedroom renovation? If so, there are a number of factors that you should take into consideration. Of course, you want the room to feel luxurious and sophisticated, with all the latest mod-cons. But it also needs to have a sufficient level of storage space.

This is where a TV bed can be of use. Yes, they are an ultimate indulgence; however, they can also be of great practical benefit. Here we outline three ways in which TV beds can create storage space in your bedroom and offer top tips on how to maximise their storage potential.

TV beds with storage

A clever storage-orientated design
Most TV beds now come with built-in storage. For example, the base of the bed frame may be fitted with two large or four small easy-slide drawers. These drawers offer the perfect place to store bed sheets, towels and other linen. They are incredibly quick and easy to access.

In recent years, ottoman TV beds have also become an increasingly popular option. These are fitted with gas-lift hydraulics, which lift the entire mattress to reveal a large storage space underneath. This runs the full length of the bed – whether that be a double, king or super king TV bed - and, by using a variety of storage containers and vacuum bags, it is possible to maximise the available space.

Compartments for digital devices
The main compartment in a storage TV bed is the large footer cavity, used to store the TV itself. However, most designs also feature a range of other handy compartments and spaces. Messy wires can be easily hidden by the bed frame and small slots are often located on the side of the bed, offering a place to keep additional devices - such as digital TV boxes and games consoles.

This may not seem like much, but it can make a huge difference to the tidiness of your bedroom. There’s no need to stack devices on the top of your bedside table or store your remote controls and wires in a chest of drawers. They have their own rightful place, inside your TV bed.

Space for additional storage
A storage TV bed is a great way to make the most of a small bedroom. There’s no need to mount the TV on the wall or purchase a bulky TV stand. The TV simply slides into the cavity at the bottom of the bed and, as a result, you will have enough space for additional storage furniture.

Perhaps you could invest in a larger wardrobe? Or maybe install a couple of shelves for books and blue-rays? The choice is yours and you can start to use the limited space to its full potential.

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