Alpha Manual Cheapest TV Bed

We stock a wide collection of TV Beds. In fact, the range we have on offer both online and instore is the largest collection of TV Bed products not just in the country but in the world.

You can find a vast selection of bed styles and sizes on site and back in stock for summer is our most popular product - the Alpha Manual TV Bed. So, if you are searching for a bed that can house a television in the base footer then consider the Alpha Manual, the UK’s cheapest TV bed!

Cheapest TV Bed
The striking, gorgeous Alpha Manual TV Bed is a product which is exclusive to The bed is available in different colours and sizes and comes furnished in your chosen leather which is manufactured in sophisticated lines. The design comes complete with a trendy padded headboard.

The Alpha incorporates a Manual TV Lift system which is pneumatically worked by a release system which allows you to elevate the TV with the touch of a button. As well as this, another positive to the Alpha Manual TV Bed is that it has a system which turns your power off when the TV is not being used and has been returned to the footer of the bed. This is done for the users’ safety and to ensure you are not using electricity when you do not need to.

This state-of-the-art feature sets this TV Bed apart. Complete with a mains cable to power your TV, this design can comfortably accommodate a 32" LCD or LED TV providing it is not thicker than 7cm. When you are placing your order, we give you the option to choose between either purchasing a new TV or using your own, current TV. An additional benefit to this TV Bed is that it comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty cover.

You can purchase this stunning TV Bed as either a double TV bed or king size TV bed and we have the option of either a white or black leather finish. You can find each product below:

  • White Alpha Manual Double TV Bed
  • Black Alpha Manual Double TV Bed
  • White Alpha Manual King Size TV Bed
  • Black Alpha Manual King Size TV Bed

TV Bed Finance Options
We have an extensive collection available onsite, not just our much sought-after Alpha Manual. Each of which is available to be paid for using our finance options. If you wish to Pay By Finance then we have a number of options which allow our range to be affordable for everyone. We have 6-month and 12-month interest-free options, which only require a 10% minimum deposit and we also have options which allow you to defer payments for a 12-month period.

Along with this we also have a layaway option which allows you to pay a 20% and then make payments over time, only receiving your TV Bed once the bed is fully paid for. The period for full payment is 12 weeks and we have several payment methods available to choose from. Normally payments are made 4 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks after the initial order.

To view our full collection of TV Beds, check out our full range here. You can also contact our expert team to discuss our collection. Get in touch by calling 0800 084 26 84 or email us at