Is a TV bed right for my bedroom?

Gone are the days of boring old bed frames.

The epitome of modern living, TV bed frames make the perfect centrepiece for pretty much any sleeping space, and provide the ultimate place to unwind after a busy day.

But is a TV bed right for your bedroom?

If you’re considering upgrading your bedroom décor, here are all the reasons why one of our TV bedframes could be the ideal fit for your sleeping quarters.


1.    They integrate your TV seamlessly

From wires and cables being on show and limited wall space, to having no desk room and needing to fix your TV at an odd angle – there are many different problems you may encounter when mounting a TV in your bedroom.

TV beds make things much easier, as the frame features a mount in the footboard, which holds and lifts your TV.

No unsightly wires or wall brackets will be on show, and your TV will be completely hidden when you’re not using it – perfect for those who’d prefer to take a minimalist approach to their bedroom décor.


2.    They provide additional storage space

If you only have a small space and are struggling for storage, then you’ll be pleased to know that many TV bed frames also feature built-in storage.

Whether you choose an ottoman frame with under-bed storage or a frame with built-in drawers, you’ll have ample places to keep your belongings without having to sacrifice precious floor space.


3.    They hide messy wires and cables

The last thing you need is a tangled mess of cables creating an eyesore in your newly renovated bedroom.

TV beds are specifically designed with this annoyance in mind, so the cables needed to power your TV and other electronics are tucked neatly away in the frame – out of sight, out of mind.


4.    There’s a wide range of styles available

All the TV beds in our collection are upholstered to perfection and come in a range of different colours and finishes.

From elegant grey crushed velvet to luxurious cream pebble stone fabric, you don’t have to worry about finding something that meets your requirements and looks great in your bedroom.


5.    They’re great for lazy Sundays

TV beds are guaranteed to take your lazy self-care Sundays to a whole new level.

With king and super king sizes available, there’s plenty of space for you to spread out and get comfortable whilst you catch up on the latest news, binge the latest Netflix series, or snuggle up with your favourite film.

USB ports mean you don’t have to worry about getting up to charge your devices, and built-in speakers with surround sound capabilities make for the ultimate viewing experience.

You’ll never want to get up!


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TV beds are the ideal addition to any modern bedroom, and with a wide selection of stunning frames available here at, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your sleeping quarters.

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