Our most popular TV Beds

Here at tvbed.co.uk, we are the providers of the biggest collection of TV Beds in the world, so if you are looking to purchase a new bed that houses a television in the footer of the bed then look no further than the multitude of options we have on site. A relatively new creation, we regularly update and refresh our online stock in order to include the freshest, trendiest TV Bed brands and styles.

When deciding which TV Bed you would like to purchase for your bedroom you can be sure to have a lot of different colours, sizes and styles to choose from. We also stock a range of different brands so you can guarantee you will find something to suit your taste and the current décor of your bedroom.

However, if despite the vast amount of choice at your fingertips you are struggling to come to a decision regarding your TV Bed, we have put together a brief description of three of our most popular TV Beds products. Take a look or browse our full collection by clicking here.

Polaris II Ottoman TV Bed
Furnished in either a gorgeous grey velvet and sumptuous slate grey, the Polaris II Ottoman TV Bed is amongst the latest additions to our vast collection. New for 2018, this product can add a sense of luxury to any bedroom, of any style, and comes complete with a strong four-panel headboard design.

The second version of this product, it is slimmer and sleeker than its predecessor but can house a TV up to 40". With ottoman storage easily accessible underneath the base you can put to use the massive storage compartment by placing spare bedding and pillows in there. You could even use it to store your DVD collection. The TV is revealed at the touch of button making this a simple, yet luxurious TV Bed design.

This product is a massive £700 off, while stock lasts!

Maddison 'Curve' Ottoman TV Bed
This TV Bed we can present as being a World’s First product! The Maddison 'Curve' Ottoman Bed is the first TV Bed ever capable of housing a flat or curved TV as big as 32". Available in three colours and fabrics as well as in double, king size or super king size the Maddison ‘Curve’ provides ottoman storage which is perfect for storing a multitude of items.

With a highly padded headboard for your comfort, you can choose our madisson curve TV beds in a range of coloured fabrics for this innovate design and you can sleep easy knowing that once you have returned your TV to the base of the bed, with the touch of a button, the power off system turns the voltage system off for your peace of mind.

Liberty II Laike Grey Fabric TV Bed
In a stunning laike grey fabric, the Liberty II TV Bed is a massive seller at tvbed.co.uk as well as in our Haydock showroom. With a thinner lifting mechanism for your television than previous designs, you use a remote control to both reveal the TV from the footer and hide it away when it is not in use. Also complete with this new design is a huge drawer and storage area for your electrical equipment such as your DVD player or games console.

Most modern televisions will be compatible with this TV Bed which can hold a device up to 40", but if you require a TV we have a massive range of brand new SMART and LCD TVs for you to choose from and add to your TV Bed order.

These are just three products out of our vast range of TV Beds. For further information on any of the beds we supply, do not hesitate to visit our showroom in Haydock or to contact our professional team by calling 0800 084 26 84.