Should You Go For A Grey TV Bed?

When you think of grey, we know what springs to mind. Dull, boring and lifeless, right? Well in the world of interior design, this connotation couldn’t be further from the truth, as grey reigns supreme as one of the most sought after colours out there. It provides the perfect neutral balance between white, black, and other popular colours when it comes to decorating your home in a way that is trendy and stylish. Although the bedroom promotes a sense of uniqueness, especially for younger children in a family home, a grey colour can still provide an ideal complement to the myriad of colours dotted about the room.

Perfect for any bedroom out there, we can’t recommend a grey TV bed highly enough for those that are stuck on which colour to choose. Here are some of our favourites from the range of TV beds on offer on our website and in our showroom.

Titan 2 TV Bed

Available in a fantastic charcoal grey, the Titan 2 TV bed is one of the newest models available on site and is already proving to be a hit with customers all over the UK! Take all your stresses away by cosying up on a comfy mattress and indulge in all your favourite TV shows or series. With a high padded headboard, you are offered supreme comfort by a bed that would look great in any bedroom.

This king size or super king TV bed accommodates a TV measuring up to 43”, so you can watch the very best TV and film has to offer in the way they are meant to be enjoyed. Available for £1,749, we can assure you that this purchase is worth every penny!

Richmond iAudio TV Bed

This TV bed is so new that it hasn’t even been released yet! However, it is due to drop in the UK in early May, so make sure you guarantee yours on its release day by making a pre-order now. Built with modern requirements in mind, this TV bed has all the technological features you could ever need. With a 4.1 system soundbar and inbuilt headboard speakers, you can achieve that surround sound that we all long for when watching TV.

It also has an option for stylish LED backlighting, to give your room a unique ambience, and Bluetooth connectivity to play your favourite music - so you’d be hard-pressed to find a TV bed that has as many cool features as this Richmond iAudio model.

Available in a simple and sophisticated grey velvet material, once you’ve laid eyes on this bed it’ll prove very hard to not get excited about its pending release. This model is ready to purchase in double, king size or super king with prices starting from just £1,499. Take a look for yourself now.

Maddison III Ottoman TV Bed

The Maddison range of TV beds has always proved to be one of the most popular on our website, and this doesn’t change with the Maddison III Ottoman TV bed, available in a gorgeous mild grey fabric. Comfort is at the forefront of the thinking for this bed with a built-in TV, as it offers a padded headboard that provides you with the luxury you need when spending lazy days in your cosy retreat.

This bed allows you to bask in the presence of all your electronic devices without moving a muscle, as USB charging ports are situated on both sides for maximum convenience at all times. Be sure to check out more information about this TV bed on our website today, and, priced at only £1,199, we know we’ve piqued your interest already!

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