Kids and a TV Bed, Do They Work?

Have you ever considered getting a TV bed?

A TV bed is the ultimate way of incorporating luxury with modern technology, and can become a staple in your home for many years to come, because why would you want to get rid of it? However, the debate as to whether children should have a TV in their own room rumbles on.

The good news is, here at, we are on hand to tell you how you can manage to make a TV bed with speakers a valuable addition to your child’s bedroom, which can stay with them as they grow up.

Reap the benefits of a TV bed

First and foremost, a TV bed should be one of the coolest additions to a child’s bedroom. The ability to kick back, relax and binge-watch their favourite TV series all while the TV is built into their bed is a techy treat that their friends will surely be envious of.

Typically, the youngest children have the smallest bedrooms in the house and standing a TV on a stand, or fitting it to the wall, may not be an option. However, a TV bed saves space in a notoriously small bedroom – allowing you to make the most of the room you already have. TV Bed’s don’t compromise on comfort either. Simply make sure you select the right mattress for your little ones and let them watch or game in comfort and style.

Establish a trust

We understand that a TV bed might compromise the rules that are put in place in your household regarding TV time. But just treat a TV bed as you would a normal TV in their room, as that is what it essentially is! This means trusting your children that when it is time for them to turn off the TV before bed time, they do so, so they can get the most efficient use out of their TV bed without it affecting their health short or long term.

This way, their TV bed can continue to be seen as a place where children can enjoy their favourite TV shows or video games in moderation, so they can still use it for fun.

Monitor their sleep

As a parent, you may be noticing that your child has become more tired in the mornings and find themselves lounging out of bed more than usual (we understand all children do this!) after purchasing a TV bed. Yet the TV bed shouldn’t be immediately deemed a bad idea…

Instead, you may have to put measures in place to ensure that they are able to enjoy the use of their TV bed without being a detriment to the next day. This could mean putting a curfew on TV time during the week, just like you would do with a standard TV in your kid’s bedroom.

Maintain a healthy balance

Of course, we are one of the biggest advocates for having a TV Bed. But we are also aware that too much time spent in one place can be very unhealthy, especially for a growing child. That’s why – particularly during the school holidays – we suggest encouraging family activities, such as a walk around the park or a trip to the zoo. Anything that gets them out of the house for a few hours.

TV Beds are a great way to relax and unwind. They are the perfect place to retreat after a fun-filled day, and we recommend that they are not depended on as a child’s only source of entertainment.

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