The Benefits of a TV Bed

TV Beds provide the largest collection of TV Beds in not just the UK but the entire world. A TV Bed is regular divan bed frame which houses your TV in the footer of the bed. This is a luxurious, space-saving alternative to having to place your TV on a cabinet or atop a dresser. TV Beds are a much sought-after invention.

The range of TV beds comes in a variety of sizes from single and double beds all the way up to the massive king size and emperor TV beds, while our multitude of designs, colours and fabrics allow you to find a style of TV Beds perfect to suit your current bedroom decoration.

A majority of our TV beds include ottoman storage, which is ideal to use to store your gaming console or your family’s collection of DVDs. A lazy morning in bed in front of the television just got even better thanks to the creation of the TV Bed. Lie back and relax on one of our subsided mattresses and enjoy all the benefits our collection can bring.

TV Beds Benefits
A main benefit of shopping with us is that we exclusively stock the UK’s cheapest TV Bed, the fabulous Alpha Manual TV Bed. This model is available in stunning White, or Black faux leather. It comes with a padded, sophisticated headboard.

Another advantage of our TV Beds is that you can choose between different ways on how to reveal your TV from within the base of the bed, which will give you a starting point on TV Bed you decide to buy. You can opt for either a manual lift system or a fully electric lift system. The Manual version is operated by a centrally located release system which lifts up your television with a single touch, while a fully Electric TV lift can be done by remote meaning you do not even have to get out of bed to reveal the TV from inside your bed.

Many of our TV Beds have a safety feature when it comes to the power which runs the TV Bed. Voltage to the system cuts off when the TV is lowered to save power and to ensure the safety of the product. Many of our TV Beds are powered through your mains and come with a full warranty and free installation options.

A vast amount of our TV Beds can accommodate a TV up to as big as 43". You can use your existing television or combine your purchase with a new TV.

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