The Latest TV Beds Ideal For Your Bedroom Renovation

It is commonly thought within the interior design industry thought that rooms in your home, such as the bedroom, should be redecorated every three or four years. Many homeowners choose to redecorate their home in the lead up to the holiday period to make it looking perfect for Christmas and the New Year. As we approach that time of year again, here at TV Bed we have taken a look at the latest, most up to date TV Beds available to give your bedroom a fresh look.

A TV Bed, as the name suggests, combines both a bed and a television. The TV is housed within the footboard of the bed and is lifted out when you wish to watch your favourite shows. It can be just as easily retracted back into the footer when you are finished viewing it to create a tidy look in the room.

The collection we have at is the largest and most diverse in the world. We are always adding the newest and latest TV bed products to our site in order to provide our customers with beds which incorporate state of the art technologies into their design.
New TV Beds

As mentioned above we regularly add the newest TV beds to our collection. There are several beds we have recently added to our product list and each has their own unique qualities which homeowners from around the UK can benefit from having in their bedroom.

The Polaris II Ottoman TV Bed is available in slate grey, comes with full warranty and is among the best value luxury Ottoman storage beds we offer. An Ottoman storage TV bed allows the space underneath your bed base to be utilised as an area for you to place extra bedding, pillows or even your DVD collection. It comes with a panelled headboard which is part of a thinner redesign from previous models. You can house a TV of a maximum of 40" (32" for a double bed) in the Polaris.

A popular style in recent times is to upholster the latest TV beds in oatmeal fabric. Two of our products which meet this trend is Naos II Oatmeal TV Bed and the Model Elements II Oatmeal Fabric TV Bed. The Naos TV Bed is among our most popular designs and can fit up to 99% of modern television in the footer of their bed. It also features a spacious drawer which is a great place to put your DVD player or games console. The Model Elements TV Bed, as do most of our TV beds, is available with free delivery and installation. It also, like all our products, includes safety turn off features to give our customers peace of mind when they go to sleep.

Latest TV Bed Finance Options
A bedroom redecoration can be expensive, but we take pride in being able to make our stunning TV products affordable for all our customers. We offer a range of finance options. It is possible to spread the cost of your TV bed over 6 or 12 months and each monthly payment will also be free of interest.

This is possible if your order costs a minimum of £300 and your deposit is no less than 10%. Also, the balance that remains to be paid must be at least £250. This is a popular option as it means customers can afford to the pay for the TV bed they want and without having to fork out more than the original price.

We also provide the choice to defer payments a year. Once you begin to make your payments, which will be fixed over 36 months, you will pay them at an interest rate of 19.9%. Another payment plan is our new layaway option. You pay a 20% deposit with the remaining 80% paid in three instalments 4 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks after you submit your order. Only once you have paid the total cost of the order will you receive your TV Bed.

The entire TV Beds range can be viewed here and to talk through any of our products, including the latest TV beds we have to offer, you can get in touch with our friendly, supportive team. Contact us by calling 0800 084 26 84 or by emailing