Things To Consider When Purchasing A TV Bed

Often purchasing a TV bed is not an impulsive decision and is something that is thought about and saved up for months beforehand! There are a lot of variables to look at before pulling the trigger and making the purchase. These can be either aesthetic or practical, analysing how this new addition will fit into your home, here at we have compiled some things of what you may want to think about before purchasing one of our many wonderful beds.


One of the biggest considerations we think you should make before buying a TV bed is evaluating how much space you have available in the room in which you wish to house it. In a master bedroom this probably will not be much of a problem, and one of our double TV beds will fit easily in one of these rooms. However don’t discount our king size, super king or emperor TV beds too, with all dimensions listed on each product page. This allows you to see if your favourite TV bed will provide a good fit in the room of your choosing.


Now for the feature that ensures your TV bed stands out from a standard bed for your home, the TV! It is important to consider a number of things when looking to implement a TV to the end of your bed to allow for the ultimate viewing experience. Most of our customers wonder if they can use their own TV for the bed that they buy, and the answer to this is yes, as long as it fits in with the dimensions that are listed with the bed. However, if you are looking for a TV ready to accompany your TV bed frame then they are available to purchase directly from us.


If the colour of your new TV bed doesn’t fit with the theme of the room around it, you can be left to rue your purchase for some time afterwards! This is why the colour of your TV bed is a crucial thing to think about in relation to its surroundings, and luckily has the answers. We have cheap TV beds available in a range of colours from grey to brown and black to white that can fit with any aesthetic, and will provide the perfect addition to any room.


Similarly to the colour of the bed, it’s material is also another important consideration to make. This can impact the bed’s look greatly and how it fits in with other furniture in your room, as well as how it feels for the user as the headrest is often made from this material too. We have TV beds for sale that are made from a variety of materials including soft fabric and leather to give you the finish that you so desire.

TV beds on finance

At TV Bed, we pride ourselves on our finance option that allows you to purchase your TV bed now, but only pay for it later when you have more funds at your disposal! We allow you to defer any payments for 12 months after purchase, giving you a chance to pay for your bed over a 36 month period, allowing you to manage payments better. To be eligible for this payment plan, you just have to place a deposit of at least 10% and spend a minimum of £300 on site. Come and check out more information about our finance options now!

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