Top 3 Kids Car Beds

Not only do we offer the world’s biggest range of TV beds but we also provide an extensive collection of Car Beds for children. A Car Bed from can come in an exciting range of styles, colours and designs while a number of our Kids Car Beds can be purchased with matching furniture.

The TV Bed range of deluxe car beds mean you have plenty to choose from when you are picking out your little ones’ next bed.

Despite their exciting, fast designs, all of our car beds are completely safe so you can rest easy knowing that all your little racers are sleeping in a secure bed. Our Kids Race Car Beds have raised working doors to stop your child from rolling out of bed in the night while the headlights act as a comforting night light.

GT TURBO Race Car Bed
One of the most popular Kids Car Beds we provide is GT TURBO Race Car Bed. Also amongst our newest car bed models, it is a car bed frame made to peak specifications.

Complete two opening doors, a multitude of sound options as well as a leather back seat, this race Car Bed is sure to provide endless hours of fun for your children all while giving them a comfortable, secure bed to sleep in at night too.

This car bed is available in either white, red or black and comes with further additional features such as LED headlights and LED wheel lights while it is made from an antibacterial, scratch resistant, high gloss surface.

Speedster GTR750 Race Car Bed
The Speedster GTR750 Race Car Bed is one of our latest Car Bed models. It comes with a strong, rigid yet lightweight frame which is impact resistant making it perfect for the racers in your family who might be prone to a bump or a scrape.

Available in either red, white or blue this car bed will suit any child who has a need for speed, while because it is a full-size single bed this race car bed will be able to be used by your children well into to their later childhood years.

Police Race Car Bed
If your children are wishing to sleep in more of statement car bed then look no further than our Police Race Car Bed. Furnished in a white ABS Thermoplastic material and accompanied with pre-applied decals.

The design is complete with six air scoops based in the middle of the front of the car while the card beds protruding, dominant wings demand attention. The four wheels each come with an LED trim which works handily as a nightlight for children who struggle to sleep in total darkness.