TV Beds Perfect For A Winter Bedroom Transformation

As we enter into the dark, colder winter months there is no better way to add a warm touch to your bedroom than transforming the room to create a cosy haven. While the introduction of extra pillows and blankets, along with a thicker duvet will no doubt add a cosier feeling to the room, nothing can make a bigger impact than the introduction of a new TV Bed.

At we have a massive collection of TV Beds, the largest in the world, and we regularly update our range to ensure our customers can always benefit the latest designs and the most up to date TV Bed technologies.

As the name suggests, a TV Bed is a piece of furniture which has evolved from a traditional style bed to include the storage of a television in its footer. A fantastic space saver, you can hide away the TV when it is not in use, but when it is you can take advantage of being able to stay tucked up in bed while you watch your favourite show or film. This is what makes our collection ideal for a winter bedroom transformation.

Winter TV Bed Benefits
Being able to stay cosy watching television or playing on your favourite games console in your comfortable, new bed is fantastic but when the time comes to go to bed, you can also take advantage of our fantastic safety feature which is a part of many of the designs we sell. With the push of a button the TV can been returned to the footer of the bed and once this action is completely the TV will completely turn off. The safety of our customers is of the upmost importance to us.

For ease of access, and also to allow less time away from the warmth of your bed, our latest styles the Winchester TV Bed and the Stanford Ottoman TV Bed have an opening in the side of the bed. This opening is ideal for placing your DVD player or games console. A variety of TV sizes can also be accommodating depending on the size of the bed you purchase. In winter, a larger bed is better than a smaller one. We have extensive king size TV Beds and super king TV beds ranges. The products which are part of those collections are great for snuggling into to ensure you are warm, comfortable and also have plenty of space.

The brand new for winter Winchester TV Bed features a stunning buttoned winged headboard and is available in a choice of colours and sizes. You can even take advantage of USB charging points on either side of the bed and extensive storage beneath the bed to house those extra, thicker blankets and duvet covers. Check out this ideal winter bed today!

Grey Velvet Winchester TV Bed with Storage
Slate Grey Winchester TV Bed with Storage

Winter TV Bed on Finance
Winter is an expensive time of year. With both Christmas and New Year a part of the season, the costs can mount up and that is without factoring in birthdays and other events which may occur at this time of the year. However, despite outlays which traditionally occur during the winter months, thanks to our selection of finance options you can still afford and be able to purchase a TV Bed.

If you are looking to make interest free payments you can do so over 6 or 12 months, providing the TV Bed costs a minimum of £300, the deposit was no less than 10% of the bed cost and the remaining balance is at least £250. This is ideal as it not only allows you to pay for your purchase on a monthly basis but you do not have to pay any more than the original total price of the product.

If you would prefer to defer payments a year you can do, though once your payments begin, they will be fixed over 36 months and at an interest rate of 19.9%. We also have our new layaway payment option. This requires you to pay a 20% deposit and then to pay the remaining balance 4 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks after your initial order. Once the bed is fully paid for you will receive your new TV Bed.

You can take a look at our full TV Beds collection here and if you would like to discuss our range in more detail with a member of our experienced, knowledgeable team you can get in contact by calling 0800 084 26 84 or by emailing us at We will be delighted to help you to find the perfect TV bed for your winter bedroom transformation.