When Should You Replace The Mattress On Your TV Bed?

The recommended life of a mattress in a home is 7-10 years. This gives you ample time to get the most use out of your mattress without having to worry about replacing it. Of course, changing mattresses will be more frequent in the case of growing children, who will perhaps upgrade from a single to a double mattress as they get older.

But there are also a number of other factors that can contribute to when exactly is the right time to replace the mattress on your bed. Here at TVBed.co.uk, we want to ensure our customers have the perfect night’s sleep every time when using our products, which is why we have given you some considerations to make before looking to switch up your mattress…

Wear and tear of the mattress
Generally, mattresses are the last thing you think of being damaged in a sleeping set up. This is because they are made of a sturdy, close knit, wool material. With this in mind, is very likely that if there is going to be significant damage to your coils as opposed to the material itself. If this does occur, and your mattress is due for an upgrade, then the stars could align, and it may be worth taking a look at a new mattress for your TV bed.

Here at TVBed.co.uk, we supply a range of bed mattresses to accompany your state-of-the-art TV bed. Whether you have a single TV bed frame for a youngster, or a king size TV bed to house an adult couple (plus the kids on occasion!) then we have you covered with our sheer selection of mattresses.

Is your mattress affecting your sleep?
A good mattress can make all the difference between a good sleep and a great night’s sleep. So, if you feel like your quality of sleep is declining, the condition of your mattress should be one of the first things you look at. It is worth noting that the standard of your sleep can be affected by many variables, including your nightly routine, general mood and diet, so be sure to consider these too!

However, if you are constantly tossing and turning throughout the night then it could be time to upgrade your mattress to one that is going to provide you with a high quality of sleep, every night.

How do you feel in the morning?
Have you been waking up recently with pains in your shoulders and back that were not there the night before? This could be down to a deterioration of your mattresses’ condition. Waking up achy could be due to a genuine injury, but if this is a trend over a course of a few days or even a few weeks, then it might be time to get yourself a comfier mattress.

At TVBed.co.uk, we provide many high quality mattresses that are assured to give you the best possible start to the day. You should never have to sleep on a mattress that is causing you pain and discomfort, which is why we provide a huge selection of mattresses, as well as TV bed frames, so you can complete your ultimate sleeping set up that will last for years to come.

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