How does a TV Bed Work?

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, you may be looking for new ways to keep yourself entertained in the home. Maybe you’re one of hundreds that have purchased a TV bed for the first time. If not, you could be forgiven for not quite knowing where to start with this amazing piece of kit, but you’ve come to the right place! At we are the experts when it comes to TV beds and are here to help you out with a guide to getting started with your new purchase.

Delivery and installation

Although we are still able to deliver your TV bed straight to your door, due to the current climate we are now following strict social distancing measures put in place by the government. Therefore, we are unable to install your new bed as we would normally.

However, clear instructions will come with the structure so you will be able to assemble it yourself, perfect for if you have more spare time due to lockdown, right? Deciding where to assemble the bed is vital in making sure that it is exactly where you want it, so it avoids becoming an obstacle and potential hazard in your room.

Once you have set up your TV bed, it’s time for the main attraction…

Setting up your TV

Of course the whole reason you bought a bed with built in TV in the first place, was so you can watch TV! Again, setting up the TV will come included in the instructions, which are very clear allowing you to install the extension safely and to ensure it doesn’t have any faults on start up. We offer a wide selection of TV beds that each have different methods of installation, as well as beds that accommodate TV’s up to 43” in size. So, be sure to carefully check the instructions for your specific model.

Adding a mattress

If you don’t already have a mattress to go with your newly acquired TV bed, then let it be known that with some models, you can also purchase an accompanying mattress direct from us. We ensure that we stock the best quality mattress with our cheap TV beds that will supply you with premium comfort and luxury for years to come!

Checking out the features

As you may well know, there is more to a TV bed than just the bed and the TV! Many of our TV beds for sale have features that give you the ultimate entertainment experience. These include USB ports that are included in the bed itself, so you don’t even have to move to put your handheld electrical devices on charge.

There are also some safety features to our beds that make them safe to use by people of all ages. This includes a central command centre that is situated in the footboard, which powers the motor and turns the voltage to the TV off when it is lowered.

Contact us

Still unsure how best to utilise your TV bed? Or perhaps you are stuck during installation? Be sure to get in touch with the experts here at today. We are still available to contact by the regular methods of email at and telephone on 0800 084 26 84.